About Us

Tower Dental Clinic

Our dental practices have proudly been serving for years. We strive to make dentistry affordable with a wide range of services for the entire family that includes cosmetics, implant placement, implant restoration, Botox & dermal fillers, Braces and Invisible aligners.

Your first visit to our practice establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. While visiting in clinic we make sure to obtain important background information and give you time to get to know our dentists.

Because your smile is the beauty of your soul.

Dental implants are among the most popular treatments sought by patients booking at Tower Dental Clinic. Dr. Etemoğlu Etemoglu is an expert implantologist, having helped hundreds of patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted over 24 years of practice. He and his team use artificial tooth roots to replace single missing teeth (with an abutment and crown) or a whole arch of teeth with a fixed prosthetic—an ideal solution for those seeking a more rewarding alternative to dentures.

Other smile design treatments offered at Tower Dental Clinic include high-quality Emax® veneers, bridgework and laser teeth whitening.

Certified by the Turkish Dental Association and the Ministry of Health, this dental center offers a free pick-up and drop-off service to and from the airport (around 30 minutes away) plus free accommodation options for certain treatment packages.

Those flying to Turkey can get a free preliminary assessment before travelling, with the Dental Departures Customer Care Team able to help email photos and x-rays. This way, patients can better plan their treatment and travel, with price quotes and estimated time needed to stay in Istanbul.


Frequently Asked Questions

All dental treatments are performed under local anesthesia, by our skill-full dentists, who take the outmost care of our patients. There might be some discomfort and bruising depending on the individual situation, as well as numbness that usually goes away within an hour from leaving the clinic. After certain major procedures, such as dental implants, the patient might be advised to use common painkillers for maximum comfort.

Dental implants are placed in one session. Teeth extractions, bone grafting, sinus liftings are also performed on the same session if found necessary. Over the implants, temporary denture or teeth are manufactured and bonded. For 3-6 months, the biological bonding of implants to the jawbone occurs. Then, the patients travel to Turkey for the second time. On the second visit, dental impressions are taken from the patients and the prosthesis are manufactured by our Lab. Once they are ready, they are bonded over the implants.

Turkey has great places that you can visit any time of the year. Dental implant operations usually take a day or two, so you’ll have plenty of time to discover the city..